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Health-Insurance Quotations

Thoughtful integration of health and disability coverage and benefits into an overall financial plan is extremely important, yet seldom given the priority it ought to have. This sort of coverage should be a customized and coordinated plan, yet most people piece it together as a patchwork of commodities, if at all.

As a service to clients, I offer individual and group disability plans, specialty disability coverages, disability contracts that protect retirement planning, individual health plans and group health plans, plans for those under 65 and for those over 65, plans that require zero premiums, plans that are subsidized, plans that are not. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) further complicates the issue.

My inventory of companies and plans is extensive. The links below are merely those few carriers who offer online quotation and/or application systems as a convenience to consumers. Using the links is a good way to become familiar with some of the solutions that are available now.

UnitedHealthCare individual plans (UnitedHealthOne) offer this online quotation service--for ACA plans, short-term medical, dental, and critical illness coverage--using me as the broker:

Likewise, Medical Mutual of Ohio offers direct online application, using me as the broker, at the following link for individual and family plans, medicare supplements, and short-term coverage:

Despite the fact that I am making available links to online-quotation services, I do not recommend self-service on any of these products. The links are here mainly for exploration and familiarization. Final selection should take place only after consultation with a licensed professional. These are not mere commodities that can be price-shopped.