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Our Mission

Given the changing business practices of the financial-services industry and the fluid business models of those of us who profess to be financial advisors, is it now more possible for clients and their advisors to have a common mission, or parallel purposes, or similarly aligned interests?

Is this really the way things should have been all along, back in the day when almost all financial intermediaries worked primarily either for an insurance company or a brokerage firm, and served the interests of the customers incidentally? We've come a long way since the '60s and '70s. We're now totally free to talk about "our" common mission statements, about our congruent paths, and about our parallel interests.

My mission, as a financial and advisory professional, is simply to improve the quality of my clients' lives. Simply. Every tactic or solution I propose is measured against this standard; it informs my entire practice. Is this recommendation in your best interests? Does it somehow make your existence better?

If your lives improve, ours do, too. It's really very simple.

As I focus on obtaining an increase in the well-being of my client, all else follows.

We echo the philosophy enunciated by Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerburg in the company's S-1 filing: "We don't build services to make money; we make money to build better services."

And we share. If you do well, we do well, and if we do well, you do well.