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Our Vision

As our traditional financial-services business models continue to trundle on into obsolescence, I want my professional practice to emerge as a sought-after source of guidance in attaining, sustaining and sharing prosperity. It's a new ball game, as they say, and we stand in the dusk just before the dawn of a new era, a new golden age. Mere bombast and mixtures of metaphors cannot begin to express how I feel.

This practice will continue to evolve through the use of open-source and open-space techniques that use the input of all who are involved to improve the quality of life of the individual client.

Building out the intended business model entails putting a seasoned independent advisor together with clients who receive pleasantly surprising value at a fair price. In this model, the delivery of advice coexists unconflicted with the implementation of plans; professional fees and brokerage commissions complement each other in ways that serve the best interests of the clients; and clients share in the economies and efficiencies brought about by their requests and suggestions.