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Things We Read, Places We Go

Sometimes I think we have a side-business going, an information-assimilation business; we read on your behalf--on behalf of all of us, for that matter--discuss the content, digest the content, and then apply it in an integrated fashion to accomplish our ultimate professional mission, the improvement of the lives of our clients, and ourselves by extension.

The reading is done primarily by myself with ample assistance and backup from Gloria. Here are some of the print periodicals to which we subscribe and which we read:

There are also some online, up-to-the-minute reading resources without which we would be far less balanced:

In addition to reading periodicals and staying up to date online, we also read books. A compilation of the books in our personal and professional libraries is viewable on LibraryThing.

As for places we go, the list is shorter than what's above, by necessity. Because of our substantial reading load, we are office-bound, home-bound, and relatively sedentary. But, when we venture out for our information-gathering, here are a few places we frequent:

  • The Money Foundation think tank in Worthington, Ohio, for monthly due diligence meetings and presentations from thought leaders and cutting-edge providers of our professional products and services. The Money Foundation was founded in 1997.
  • The Money Foundation for weekly market update and practice-management sessions each Monday.
  • The City Club of Cleveland, founded in 1912 and the oldest "citadel of free speech" in the country. Here, at the weekly programs, we explore major issues affecting American life and interact in person with local and national thought leaders.

In brief, we are engaged.